Control & Inspection for Different Plants

The “Control and inspection” market constitutes a separate sector compared with other equipment and machinery used in the bottling plant industry. This market requires know-how, targeted solutions to changing marketing demands, constant capability to innovate and, last but not least, absolute world-wide reliability.

 FT System S.r.l. was founded in 1998 and has become a leading supplier of container inspection and monitoring solutions. Our reputation for quality, reliability and customer satisfaction has made us the preferred supplier of inspection equipment to many of the leading manufacturers and system integrators in the food and beverage industry. Since our inception we have grown to become a global leader in inspection and control solutions with more than 3,500 installations in over 60 countries around the world.

Our strategy

It is based on few but reliable pillars, a real attitude for top quality products. We cross-pollinate best practices from multiple industries to internally spread our design know-how: we believe this can persistently empower our open mind attitude to innovate


• Preforms quality
• Shape
• Empty bottle inspection
• Empty cans inspection
• Cap quality
• Fill level control
• Cap /Closures inspection
• Monitoring of your production quality
• QCS120 – Quality Control Automatic Station
• Leakage / Vacuum / Pressure
• Labels inspection
• Code inspection
• Laboratory
• Code inspection
• Rejection / Diverting