Edible Oil Processing System

Through our vision to empower the oils & fats industries with exceptional customer-centric solutions, LIPICO has evolved to be the leading engineering company in Asia since our incorporation in 1996.
Our services include design, supply and commissioning of a full range of processing plants for the oils & fats industries; from process design, consultancy, supply, commissioning and training for new plants; to post delivery services for replacement parts, process trouble shooting, plant expansion, etc.

Products & Services

As a dynamic solutions provider, LIPICO undertakes engineering projects in various processes for fats & oils refining, modification and purification:
• Physical Refining
• Chemical Refining
• Dry Fractionation
• Detergent Fractionation
• Hydrogenation
• Inter-esterification
• Texturization for Margarine / Shortening
• Bleaching
• Deodorization
• Dewaxing / winterization
• Degumming
• Soap-stock splitting
• Saponification
• Pretreatment & Transesterification for Biodiesel
• Fatty Acids Distillation

For our customers in the fats & oils industries, we provide a full range of engineering services with the most innovative and cost-effective systems utilizing modern technologies. Our services include:
• Engineering consultation
• Design and supply of complete plants
• Installation and supervision
• Commissioning
• Plant upgrading
• Plant automation
• Process troubleshooting
• Sales and servicing of components and spare part