The intermittent HFFS machines from the B series are extremely versatile and capable of manufacturing a wide range of format sizes.

B Basic Series
Basic and versatile

The intermittent HFFS machines from the B series are extremely versatile and capable of manufacturing a wide range of format sizes: from the smallest sachets manufactured on the model B 1000 (a machine ideal for wet wipes, cosmetic sachet samples or pharmaceutical products) to the largest capacity sachets manufactured on the B 3700 model, designed to fill shredded cheese, liquids, solids and viscous products.

These series can fill a wide range of packaging possibilities depending on the machine model: wet wipes filling, string pouches, twin sachets, partial shaped pouches, stand-up pouches and flat sachets, single-doses of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, shredded cheese filling accomplishing the most strict sanitary regulations, etc.

The formats manufactured by packaging machines from the B series range from 45 x 45 mm. to 185 x 380 mm, and can produce up to 220 pouches per minute.

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B 1000

Small and compact, the B 1000 HFFS machine is ideal to produce 3- and 4-side sealed pouches to fill a small amount of product, and for single-dose sachets for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.

Wet wipes filling and string sachets are among its multiple packaging applications.

It can incorporate 3 different types of interchangeable filling units and reach a speed of up to 90 pouches per minute depending on the product to be filled.

B 1400

The intermittent HFFS machine B 1400 is ideal to form flat sachets and fill them with small and medium doses of solid or liquid products, as well as wet wipes.

The great versatility of this model allows the manufacture of individual or twin sachets with 3 or 4 side seals, and also sachets with partial shape. It can fill volumes of up to 400 cc, and produce up to 220 sachets per minute.

B 1600

The B 1600 packaging machine is an extremely versatile model used for many different applications.

This HFFS machine can manufacture a wide range of sachets: individual or twin,  3- and 4-side sealed sachets, stand-up pouches and delta-style bottom seal pouches. It also can produce pouches with total or partial shape, and include a reclosable zipper module.

The possibility to adapt different dosing systems enables this flexible packaging machine to fill all kinds of products such as liquids, viscous, granulated and powder products, wet wipes, etc.

The B 1600 can manufacture a wide format range of flexible pouches of up to one liter capacity, and produce up to 180 pouches per minute.

B 3700

The B 3700 HFFS machine is specially designed to fill shredded cheese and powder dairy products, fulfilling the sanitary standards for the dairy industry:  WDA, USDA and UL. And it can pack also non-dairy products that require a packaging machine with sanitary design.

For sanitary requirements, it is fully constructed in stainless steel and titanium, and zipper insertion is an option.

This flexible packaging machine can manufacture flat and stand-up pouches in duplex, fill up to 2.000 cc of product, and reach a speed of 140 pouches per minute.