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Manufacturer: TMG

The robot is optimised for high-speed point-to-point movements, designed to be flexible to the various production procedures involved in depalletising/palletising and unpacking/packing. It has four electronic movement axis with integrated controller, a long working arm with a wide operating field and short cycle times for high performance.

Master 500

Manufacturer: TMG

Master 500 palletiser robot with rotating structure at a single column. It is equipped with two linear axles and two circular interpolated axles and the main handling movements are realized by means of asynchronous motors coupled with reductors of the best quality. Thanks to its reduced overall dimensions, this robot allows to work on a single or two lines contemporaneously, with a single or multiple picking head to grant the required output and satisfy several applications.


Manufacturer: TMG

Powerpaq 600/1200 and Powerpaq 600/2200 are cartesian robots designed to automatically move the product to be palletised from an infeed belt to the pallet. Flexible and suited for different palletising and depalletising requirements for medium speed rates. Three-axle control with brushless servomotors and gantry mechanical construction (4 columns, mobile air framework with translating beam and vertical slide).

RC 600

Manufacturer: TMG

The cartesian Robot mod. RC-600 has been designed to automatic products handling, from infeed conveyor to their positioning on pallet. Thanks to its open structure, it is suitable to various applications of medium output. It is equipped with four axles, controlled and with brushless servomotors, bridge mechanical structure with horizontal beam translation, where the picking arm is installed.